texon-our-productsWe design, manufacture and distribute high quality, high performance materials for use in a wide variety of products including footwear, fashion accessories, leather goods, air freshening and industrial filtration. Texon materials have been adopted in geographies and markets around the world.

We develop and produce non-woven and saturated felts and extruded filmic materials in Skelton, England and Foshan, China, whilst non-woven and saturated felts, extruded filmic materials and wet web saturated cellulose board are produced in Europe and Asia.


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As part of our growing  range of environmentally preferred materials, we have introduced a new shoe reinforcement technology, Texon SPHERE™, an out-of-the-box, zero waste, net counter solution, designed to reduce cost through process improvement and lead-time reduction. Texon SPHERE™ is not sold in sheet form, like traditional heel counter materials, making this innovative net counter solution one of the most sustainable stiffener products in its class without any loss in performance and it’s backed by Texon’s technical support and customer service.


An economical and ecologically preferred cellulose insole material, Texon Ecosole 100™ is made with up to 85% recycled content. Using pre-consumer waste fibres from the food processing, construction and consumer product industries, it’s designed to meet the needs of most types of footwear and provides a high level of comfort during wear.


Texon Enigma™ is a series of high performance, non-metallic safety insoling solutions designed for optimal resistance as well as being lightweight and flexible and meets safety standards. High-density performance composite fibres are woven, compacted and constructed in just two layers, which greatly reduces the risk of delaminating.


Texon ReForm™ is a premium heel counter material with the optimum balance of stiffness and resilience, creating the best fit and durable support during rugged and strenuous wear in athletic, work and safety footwear.