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  • About Texon

  • About Texon

Texon Success

We are a global business with a local way of working. We have a proud heritage and a strong reputation for quality, innovation and dedicated technical service.

What we do

We design, create and supply high quality, high performance, sustainable material solutions. These include non-woven saturated felts, extruded filmic materials, wet-web saturated cellulose paperboard, technical fabrics and consumables.

You'll find our products used in footwear and consumer applications, such as fashion accessories, clothing, luggage, labels, tags and many home and office accessories. Our expertise and capabilities enable us to provide solutions used in industrial sectors such as; roofing, flooring, filtration, hygiene & medical and construction.

Who we work with

The world's finest brands specify Texon in their manufacturing supply chain. They include; adidas, Clarks, New Balance, Decathlon, Nike, VF Corp and Wolverine.

We provide dedicated technical support in all major production locations and you can access our sales, marketing and customer care teams in over 90 countries.

How we do things

How we do business is just as important. We're proud to be responsible, corporate citizens with sustainability at the heart of our product creation, development and by using lean manufacturing practices, we are always looking at reducing our environmental impact.

We work hard to safeguard the people who work with us as part of the Texon Family. We also support the communities around us, using safe working practices and accredited business procedures.



Established in 1947, we are very proud of our heritage as a proven market leader in innovation and the supply of structural component materials for the global footwear industry

Our History



Structural, safe & sustainable.

As pioneers in sustainable structural footwear materials, Texon have been offering recyclable products for over 20 years and we continue to strive in leading the way.

  • We create innovative and sustainable structural products to maximise value in production efficiency, throughput and minimising cost and waste.
  • We recycle post-production waste and offer recycling programs to our customers for a number of key products thereby reducing the impact of manufacturing and commercial operations.
  • All of our production facilities are compliant with business and environmental management systems and accreditations.
  • We practice LEAN management principles to reduce our process waste and increase production output, improve working conditions, save energy and filter and re-use wastewater.



We have a long established heritage in the production and conversion capability of non-woven and extruded film products.

We offer;

  • Multiple fabric making lines producing needle-punched, stitch bonded materials with a wide range of decitex fibres.
  • Convection and calendaring heat treatment processes.
  • Wet impregnated lines, film extrusion lines and hot-melt coating lines.
  • Additional finishing lines for splitting, sueding, powder coating, wet surface coating, cutting and inspecting.
  • ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

We have the expertise and flexibility to produce a diverse range of high quality product solutions.

How can we help?

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