Established in 1947, we are very proud of our heritage as a proven market leader in innovation and the supply of structural component materials for the global footwear industry.

Texon Heritage

September 1947

Texon Inc. founded in USA by an employee buyout from DuPont producing cellulose insoling for the footwear industry.


Tenth Anniversary – Our workforce grows to nearly 300 employees at Russell, South Hadley and Holyoke, with sales across the USA with products shipped to over 30 countries.


We continue to grow with factories in France, Germany and Taiwan. In 1965 we purchase a papermill in Möckmühl, Germany, which is registered as Texon Möckmühl in 1967.


We launch the first anti static cellulose insole, Texon T411.


We produce the world’s first needlepunched non-woven insole. Texon T90 becomes the industry standard for non-woven insoles.


USM acquires a non-woven production facility at Skelton, England producing insoles, heel counters and box toes.

This decade sees the formation of Texon Pacific in Taiwan. New factories opened in Italy and Brazil.


We are acquired by the Emhart Corporation who also purchased USM in 1976.

Texon T49 and Texon T50, first non-woven anti-static insoles are developed.

Texon History


We are acquired by USM from Emhart owners, Black and Decker with headquarters in Leicester, England employing more than 5,000 people.


Texon Ecosole, the world’s first environmentally friendly cellulose insoling corporating recycled fibres is launched.


USM Texon moves production from Taiwan facilities to Foshan, China to reflect the relocation of global footwear production.


USM Texon – is the largest shoemaking machinery and materials supplier in the world.

In the same year, we launch;

  • Texon T79 a water resistant non-woven insole.
  • Texon T70 a water resistant insole solution.
  • Texon Hypersorb for use in the hygiene and medical sectors.

USM Texon is acquired by Apax Partners.


USM Texon is legally demerged into two separate companies.


We launch; Texon Aquaseal a waterproof cellulose insole.

Texon Reform – the world’s first 100% recyclable and ‘closed-loop’ non-woven heel counter product.

A recycling infrastructure is created in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia to collect cutting waste from customer factories, preventing thousands of tonnes of landfill.


We acquire a number of businesses including; Cornwell Industries, ESJOT Goldenberg, Chamberlain Phipps and Claravon.


US-based MatlinPatterson investment company acquires controlling interests from Apax Partners. We acquire Crispin Dynamics and the FOSS Footwear business unit.


We establish a non-woven production facility in Foshan, China.


Texon International invests in LEAN Manufacturing as part of its business strategy of continuous improvement.


Texon Aloe, the first insoling material impregnated with aloe vera.


Barclays Bank becomes the majority owner.


We introduce Texon NVIRO 70 non-woven insole made up of 70% recycled content and cutting waste which is 100% recyclable.

A new warehouse opens in Chennai, India.


Texon Sphere introduced as a powder-sintered, out of the box, no waste ‘Net’ reinforcement solution.

Relocates manufacturing from Russell, USA to its existing operations in China and Möckmühl, Germany.


Opens new branch and bonded warehouse in Agra, India.


Opens new production facilities in Dongguan, China and joint-venture production in Uruguay.

Navis Capital Partners acquire controlling interest from Barclays Bank.

We achieve ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification in Möckmühl, Germany.


Today, we have working partnerships with over 200 global footwear brands. We are recognised as the leader in eco-friendly technology looking at new innovative ways to manage our impact on the environment within structural materials.

We continue to offer high quality, innovative product solutions for other consumer applications.