One year on from the launch of Texon’s sustainability drive

It has been exactly one year since we announced our ambition to be a zero waste organisation by 2025, reinforcing our long-standing commitment to the development of sustainable footwear components, materials for consumer accessories and performance fabrics.

In February last year, we set out our sustainability goals for the next five years, which include:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint by 50%

  • Cutting the use of virgin materials by 50%

  • Ensuring 90% of waste is recyclable or reusable

  • Reducing water usage and water waste by 20%.



Exactly 12 months on, what better time to celebrate our recently launched, reengineered product, Texon Sportflex, a box toe puff material resilient to wear and tear for lightweight footwear and deconstructed athletic shoes.

As part of our sustainability drive, we’ve increased the recycled content in our product from 4% to 50%. To provide our customers with a wider choice of more sustainable materials, we’ve also created eco and bio versions of Sportflex. Eco iterations of the material are based on post-industrial waste, while the bio version – which was created for a specific sports footwear customer – is based on sugar cane waste.

The move forms just part of our sustainability drive and ambition to become a zero waste business by 2025.

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