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    Innovation for everyday

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    Innovation for everyday


Texon design and manufacture a wide range of materials including; needle-punched, non-woven felts and wet laid cellulose fibres that can be used in a variety of consumer and industrial applications.

A world of possibilities


A truly innovative, versatile and robust material, Texon Vogue provides highly visual, creative, practical and environmentally friendly solutions across many aspects of the fashion apparel and accessories industry.

Texon Vogue

Ideal for bags, bookbindings, cases, furniture and labels.

Texon Aquiline


Texon Aquiline linings are a range of high quality, durable lining materials which are absorbent, permeable, abrasion resistant and colour fast.

Texon Linings

Attention to detail


It’s Texon’s attention to detail that counts. Our extensive knowledge of materials enables us to produce specialist solutions for use in the medical environment.

Texon M-Felt56

A needle-punched polyester non-woven felt, Texon M-Felt56 is used in the hygiene and medical market as a substrate for care products such as ostomy pouch filters, undercast padding, wound care dressing and compression bandages.

Texon M-Felt56 is lightweight, clean and non-abrasive with good air permeability, high absorbency and skin tolerance providing the optimum in performance offers both comfort and protection to the wearer. The material is also vegan friendly.

Available in a range of weights and gauges, Texon M-Felt56 is supplied in rolls.

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With an enviable reputation for producing world-class footwear solutions, our specialist knowledge extends to the material beneath your feet.

Texon T610

Texon T610 is a cellulose material impregnated with latex. It consists of 90% cellulose and is bio-degradable.

A high quality material solution providing durability and resilience and is specified by some of the world’s leading sustainable flooring specialists as a base material in linoleum flooring products.

As a plant guard, Texon T610 is used as a weather-resistant protection disc which protects young trees and plants from a lack of nutrients and water as it prevents the growth of weeds or unwanted grasses. It also stops erosion and helps in creating an ideal soil climate for micro-organisms.

Available in sheet, rolls or in discs.

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The demands of industry


We offer a filtration material which meets the demands of both the designer and the engineer across a wide range of industrial applications.

Texon T710

Texon T710 is a high quality, specialist filtration material ideal for use in systems which require lightweight and space-saving solutions.

Available in two gauges, 0.65mm and 0.90mm, Texon T710 is available in rolls but can also be supplied in disc format to a stack diameter of 147mm.

Typically, the 0.65mm gauge are used in air filtration applications and the 0.90mm can be used as a ‘filter stack’ for spark erosion filtration.

For further information contact sales@texon.com

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