Texon at ANPIC

Texon together with joint venture partners, Quinorgan, recently exhibited at Mexico’s ANPIC show, held in Leon. The joint venture, known as QuinTex, combines the global expertise of Texon with the specialist local knowledge of Quinorgan. ANPIC is a bi-annual event … Read more

Texon welcomes new COO.

Jelle Tolsma joins Texon International Group as Chief Operating Officer. Texon are delighted to announce the appointment of Jelle Tolsma as Chief Operating Officer for the Texon International Group. Jelle will be based in Hong Kong reporting directly to Chief … Read more

The Materials User Guide from Texon

Developed and written by our skilled Technical Services Team, the third edition of Texon’s Materials User Guide (MUG) is essential for getting the maximum performance out of Texon’s materials. This new edition provides an indispensable guide for Texon materials including; … Read more

Goodbye and Thanks to… Malcolm Downie

As many of you may be aware, Malcolm Downie, one of the stalwarts of Texon Non Woven Ltd plant at Skelton, in the UK, has decided to retire. Malcolm first came to Skelton back in 1990 having previously worked for, … Read more

Amazing creatives, amazing creations

In the heart of the Italian countryside, something remarkable is happening. Using Texon’s versatile leather-simulating material Texon T484, the LCM factory is producing a wide range of colours and leathers patterns. You’ll see everything you can think of – from … Read more

Texon’s Technical Troubleshooter Goes Into Action

Shoemaking is never straightforward when you’re trying to bond natural and synthetic materials successfully. There are many variables involved to get the bonding right. Everything from the adhesive to the polymer blend can affect your results and when things don’t … Read more

Texon on the podium in Rio…

Texon are having a hugely successful Games in Rio and have been on the winners podium for many of the events but how? Well, it’s all down to Nike, who have provided their sponsored athletes with an Olympic podium shoe … Read more

View the new Texon Sphere video…

Texon Sphere is our self adhesive ‘net’ waste free structural reinforcement, suitable for both box toe and heel counter solutions.