• Texon ProWeave

    Engineered Zonal Textiles


Step into a world of creativity. Discover ProWeave, our revolutionary material that sets free a designer’s imagination. Like never before, ProWeave combines creativity and functional weaving with the most advanced techniques. ProWeave brings to life uppers in jacquard fabrics where zones of differing elasticity, stability, and abrasion unite seamlessly.


Travellers who search for new worlds to discover. Designers who never stop innovating, who crave originality, new adventures, and new challenges. This is for you. Worlds you can revolutionise with your creativity.


Push your limits. Challenge yourself. Put yourself to the test. Reach new levels. ProWeave takes on the challenge with the tenacity of an athlete. Fabrics created to deliver the ultimate performance; to support the body during physical activity; to imagine new goals.


Curiosity is in every explorer’s DNA. We help these men and women, who crave understanding, to cross the threshold of unexplored worlds. Endurance, structure, reliability. Materials capable of taking people to the edge of the world. Footwear designed and engineered to take individuals to faraway lands.


Experience the city; breathe the freedom and innovation of the great metropolis that never sleeps. Footwear created with innovative materials that change and adapt to the rhythm of contemporary life. We give designers the tools to create the next trend, to change how we move in our daily lives.


Face every situation with the support and assistance of a great ally. ProWeave enables maximum safety, quality and performance with materials designed to provide the most advanced individual protection. Breathable, waterproof, lightweight – also strong, durable and comfortable. Designers can bring together in a single product everything needed to ensure greater support and safety in every work activity.



Innovation is a leap into the unknown; it’s movement; it’s a change in outlook. Innovation is radical, free, and it’s in our DNA. That’s what the innovative ProWeave fabrics were born to do. To unleash new possibilities in development and creation. To offer endless unique functionalities. To set designers free as they turn their vision into reality.


This innovative material allows for multidirectional zonal stretching, and the creation of personalised yarns to each designer’s specifications. The properties of ProWeave exceed those of dobby technical fabrics and offer greater design freedom within a single productive process. ProWeave also provides better structural support – stronger than knitted uppers.


ProWeave is designed to support our industry’s sustainability drive. Using a single efficient process to create woven uppers with localised features means less energy consumption for manufacturers. We offer advice on the use of compatible fibres and recycled yarns to build recyclable structures for circular projects. All offcuts are suitable for recycling. ProWeave is supported by Texon Group Zero Waste Programme.


A novel innovation allowing designers to imagine, design and develop zones with technical and aesthetic functionalities:

  • Patented zonal single or multidirectional stretch, zonal functionality, and design patterns per upper.
  • Specialty yarns, coated, monofilament, metallic, aramid and recycled.
  • A wide array of designs, thickness, colour variations and gradients including ribs, waffle,
    3D effects, mesh, transparency and stretch.
  • Localised introduction of yarn with recuts replaces the need for reinforcements.

Be part of the revolution; explore the infinite possibilities of ProWeave.