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Zero Footprint

Zero waste by 2025
The ambition that’s driving us to make a sustainable difference

Sustainability has always been part of who we are, what we do and how we think. But as we look to help our customers achieve ever-greater value and ramp up their own sustainability efforts, we wanted to turn our passion into a tangible ambition.

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Our commitment

Zero waste by 2025 is about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to sustainability. Finding pioneering new solutions that hit the mark with consumers. And helping to drive change right across our industry.

Zero Waste

Our 2025 goals

Zero waste by 2025 is where we want to get to and we’ve set ourselves four distinct sustainability goals to help us along the way.

Reduce carbon footprint
Reduce virgin materials
90% waste recyclable
Reduce water use by 20%

A passion that’s become an ambition

Zero waste by 2025 is an ambition we can all work towards. It will help us support our clients, improve our processes and change our industry for the better. And from there, who knows what we can achieve next?

Jelle Tolsma, CEO

Zero Footprint

Jelle Tolsma, CEO

Zero Footprint

Sustainability at Texon – a snapshot


We primarily use ocean shipping, base ourselves near our customers, suppliers and raw materials, and operate ‘take back’ freight forwarding.

Texon Halo

Through circular design, we’re turning old into new – Texon Halo, for example, contains up to 50% recycled materials.

Water purity

At our Möckmühl site in Germany, we’re returning water back to its source even cleaner than when it came out.

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