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13. 09. 16

Amazing creatives, amazing creations


Texon Creatives

In the heart of the Italian countryside, something remarkable is happening. Using Texon’s versatile leather-simulating material Texon Vogue, the LCM factory is producing a wide range of colours and leathers patterns. You’ll see everything you can think of – from timeless plain tan to big and bold crocodile.

What’s more, you can use Texon Vogue for all kinds of things. Jeans and hats, for example. Or picture frames and book covers. You can even use Texon Vogue as a seat cover for motor scooters (a big favourite in Italy). Just like leather, no two sheets of Texon Vogue are the same – and the possibilities are almost endless.

Exciting discoveries

LCM’s team is led by Carlos and his son Paulo. Thanks to his extensive background in the leather industry, Carlos quickly realised the potential of Texon Vogue. He began experimenting with Texon Vogue sheets, and the leather-simulating effects you can achieve with them. Carlos folded them, dyed then, sprayed them – you name it, he tried it. Paulo was on hand to help with the finishing process, and to record his father’s exciting discoveries.

When you see the leather effects the team achieve, you’d never know that Texon Vogue starts its life as a fairly plain cellulose material. In its standard format, Vogue is a flat sheet. So how does Texon Vogue undergo such a remarkable transformation at the LCM factory? And how is the flair for design in Italy already taking advantage of Texon’s material? Let us explain.

Colours and effects

Texon Vogue has a slightly rougher side, and a slightly smoother one. The smoother side is the one where the effects are applied. Colours are sprayed on, either by hand for smaller runs or by a printing press for larger orders. Once the coating has been applied, you’re ready to do a whole range of things with the materials.

To create the fashionable distressed look, for example, each sheet is scrunched by hand. The sheets are then added to a large cylindrical drum like a tumble dryer, where they’re processed until the desired finish appears.

Using die-stamping and similar methods, you can add an even wider variety of abstract and uniform patterns to the material. Heat transfer offers you yet more avenues to explore.

The primary market for Texon Vogue was – and is – leather-simulating labels for jeans. As you may know, jeans labels need high stitch strength and tear resistance. They must be able to survive processes like stone-washing too. Any material that can offer these properties can also be used for many other leather-simulating purposes. That’s why the demand for Texon Vogue is evolving all the time.

Well worth the wait

Although this particular factory are the main exponents, other factories across Italy are experimenting with Texon Vogue to great effect. Anyone using Texon Vogue will tell you that the treatment process cannot be rushed. Each stage involves considerable care, precision and patience. But when you see what can be achieved, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s well worth the wait.

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