Texon Aquiline linings are a range of high quality, durable lining materials which are absorbent, permeable, abrasion resistant and colour fast. By utilising our expertise in non-woven fabrics, Texon Aquiline is made from synthetic fibres which are impregnated with synthetic rubber and pigments to provide consistent colour and handling.


  • Durable – excellent wear performance.
  • Soft and comfortable against the foot.
  • Supplied plain or adhesive coated.
  • Easy to use in footwear construction.
  • Available in a range of colour options.
  • Available for other applications such as;
    bag or luggage lining, leather goods, machine cutting beds.



Texon Aquiline is vapour permeable, which allows the feet to breathe. It absorbs foot moisture, which helps to keep the feet dry and cool thus improving foot comfort. It also disperses moisture rapidly, which contributes to dry, comfortable footwear and wicks moisture away from the foot, promoting a healthy shoe environment.


A special ingredient is available on request to increase protection against moisture invasion for Texon Aquiline ATV. The product is easier to clean, wicks and absorbs less moisture and is highly permeable to water vapour. Excellent results are realised when used with waterproof breathable membranes and permeable uppers.

Texon Aquiline also performs extremely well during the shoe manufacturing process

  • Delivers cutting efficiency through material uniformity, allowing for multi-layer cutting.
  • Stitches well in the closing room to produce the completed upper, so there is no need for special needles or thread.
  • Designed with high tear strength to withstand standard shoemaking conditions.

Texon linings are specifically developed with end-use in mind, so you can be assured that they will perform and excel in application.

Please note: Colours shown are representations and not 100% accurate, please contact your Texon sales representative for samples.