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13. 05. 21

Create + Sustain – how Texon is changing the game for brands worldwide


At Texon, we recently released our second sustainability report. Now we’re eager to show you how our zerofootprint ambition translates into our innovative product portfolio.

Through our 2021 Hero Products campaign, we’re showcasing our sustainability ambition and innovation in action by highlighting some of our most eco-friendly products.

We help some of the biggest names in footwear and fashion create more sustainable products that their customers desire. We strive to make it easier for brands to meet their own environmental goals, without compromising on performance.

Partnering with Texon means you can:

  • Source innovative, high-performing materials and components
  • Deliver unique products and benefits to your customers
  • Create value for your people, your shareholders and the planet
  • Achieve your sustainable development goals

Hero Products

From heel counters made from recycled bottles, to toe puffs made from sugar cane waste, just take a look at our innovation in action!


  • Texon Ecoline:
    Made with 85% recycled content and fusion-bonding technology that completely removes the need for chemicals or water, our Ecoline insoles showcase enviro-conscious design at its best.
  • Texon Ecosole 100:
    The ultimate insole – lightweight, economical and ecological. Designed to offer comfort and performance, and made from cellulose fibres using zero dyes.
  • Texon Kabru:
    Cleverly designed, our Kabru insoles have a cushioned strobel, enabling construction that’s completely free from polluting  foam. Plus, the one polymer design ensures recycled content (currently 83%) and high recyclability.

Heel Counters:

  • Texon Bioform:
    Made from leaves, stalks and corn cobs. Our first  bio-based plastic heel counter. The natural choice for smart shoe design.
  • Texon Reform:
    The world’s first 100% recyclable heel counter, which includes up to 45%* recycled content. Texon’s first fully closed-loop product.
  • Texon Force XE:
    The high-performance heel counter made to last. Waterproof and fully recyclable, specially designed for maximum durability with up to 65%* recycled polyester.
  • Texon Halo:
    Our Halo counters contain 50% recycled content and are supplied net, meaning there is zero waste. Our clever closed-loop process and smarter design mean no  leftovers, minimal storage and low transport impact.

Toe Puffs:

  • Texon X8R-EPM5:
    Our new and improved toe puffs now contain up to 66%* recycled material. Better for the environment while still offering the same top performance.
  • Texon Sportflex Bio:
    Made from a minimum of 50%* sustainably sourced material, including sugar cane. By locking in carbon as the sugar cane grows, our Sportflex Bio toe puffs are completely carbon negative. We also offer Sportflex Eco – created using industrial waste and made from at least 50% sustainably sourced material.

As you can see, there’s a wealth of innovation being championed at Texon right now, with momentum continuing to build, and we’d love you to be involved in our journey moving forward.

Working collaboratively means we can gain insights that help us tailor our products and develop new innovations to meet the specific needs of your customer base. So let’s start that conversation:

Discover more about Texon’s world leading products and 2025 sustainability goals, or follow us on LinkedInFacebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our latest announcements.

Create + Sustain
with Texon

Collaboration underpins everything we do at Texon and by working together, we can inspire one another and continue to lead the way – delivering more sustainable materials that are better for people and planet.

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