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22. 03. 21

Giving back as much as we get from our water


At Texon, we’re always looking for ways to use water more responsibly. Not only do we use less water and reuse as much as we can, we also return water to its source cleaner than it was when we got it.

Texon's water usage statistic

This World Water Day, we wanted to shine a light on some of our efforts to date, that form part of our sustainability drive. At our Möckmühl site in Germany, we’ve reduced water use from 180,000 m3 to 130,000 m3, finding ways to recycle it where we can.

To make sure we get as much as we can from our water, we reuse it in the production of several of our materials that start out as wood pulp, such as Texon Vogue. Starting with white products, we then recycle it for use in making brown, grey and black materials. When we’ve reused it as much as we can, we process the water, by both mechanical and biological means, and return it to the river cleaner than when it came out.

We know that the river we source our water from is important to other living creatures. We want to make sure we’re looking after them too. In 2015, we installed a fish ladder that enables fish to swim upstream.

We’re now looking into how we can create a downstream and ranking system to remove excess debris from the water, protecting wildlife as well as the local community.

At Texon we want to harness the immense power of water. That’s why we installed a water turbine at Möckmühl. In 2018, the turbine produced 163,000 kWh of energy, enough power to produce 230 tonnes of material.

Discover more about the steps we are taking to achieve our 2025 sustainability ambition online, or follow us on LinkedInFacebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our latest announcements.

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