• Texon

    Designed to perform

  • Texon

    Designed to perform

  • Texon

    Designed to perform

Texon footwear

Our performance fabrics always perform to the highest standards.

We provide materials that breathe, repel water, stretch and resist abrasion, so your products will perform in the most demanding conditions. We know you also need our materials to be colorful so you can make fashionable, on-trend garments. Let us know what you need and we’ll work together to achieve it.



Developed by our performance materials experts in Italy, Texon ProWeave is a ground-breaking product for the manufacture of next generation, lightweight, woven shoe uppers.

Texon Proweave

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Tech Fabrics

Our lightweight, water repellent and breathable composite textiles which are ideal for use in outdoor, active sports and functional fashion wear, offering warmth, comfort and protection to the wearer - whatever the weather.

Water repellent fabrics

Tenacity & durability woven in

Abrasion resistant

A range of high performance materials ideal for use in the most demanding environments and conditions the world has to offer.

Abrasion resistant materials

Flexibility & strength at heart

High performance

Superior tensile strength and tear resistance, combined with a wide range of colours and finishes, to make our range of technical fabrics suitable for the most demanding of situations.

High performance

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