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    A revolution in material uppers

Texon ProWeave

Texon ProWeave


Due to the nature of production there is significantly less waste generated by using Texon ProWeave and all cutting waste that is created can be recycled.


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Texon ProWeave is an exciting material technology that enables you to combine functional and design weaving, directly into a finished upper. Map out the properties you want in specific areas of your upper, then use Texon ProWeave to seamlessly create different elasticity, tenacity and abrasion zones within the same weave.

Combine different woven patterns, yarn thicknesses, fabric references and colours to unlock creative advantage – without increasing production times. We can also integrate the latest TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) technologies into Texon ProWeave to add extra stretch and support exactly where you need it.

The benefits of ProWeave

Texon ProWeave is produced on a jacquard loom, which can interlace hundreds of warp threads or move a single wrap yarn independently to create a unique and intricate design. As a result, uppers woven with Texon ProWeave are stronger and more resilient than those made from traditional knitted weaves using Raschel and seamless machines.

Leading technical brands choose Texon ProWeave to help them:

  • Achieve greater design freedom and flexibility
  • Add specific properties to different upper areas
  • Deliver unique, intricate, delicate designs
  • Use different weight fabrics and weave effects on the same loom
  • Introduce custom spins,twists and yarns
  • Switch color on the same upper.
  • Add different gradients, ribs, waffles, 3D effects and stretch.

Using Texon ProWeave can also help you reduce waste with all offcuts suitable for recycling.

Let’s get creative

If you would like further information on how the creative possibilities of Texon ProWeave can revolutionise your product range: