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Box Toe Puffs

An essential element when manufacturing a box toe puff is the polymer blend, which dictates and drives the specific performance level. In addition consideration needs to be given to the processing conditions and the type of material it is being bonded to. You can rest assured we recognise all our customer’s individual requirements and have developed a vast range of toe puffs perfectly suited to meet the evolving demands of the footwear industry.

Whether you’re looking for a carbon negative toe puff made from a minimum of 50% sustainably sourced material, or a lightweight, discreet box toe for use in deconstructed, knitted designs. With over 75 years of unrivalled experience and expertise in developing and supplying structural components, it’s no wonder leading brands in the industry continue to choose Texon.

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Sportflex Bio

Made from a minimum of 69% sustainably sourced material, including sugar cane. By locking in carbon as the sugar cane grows, our Sportflex Bio toe puffs are completely carbon negative.

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Sportflex Eco

Our Sportflex Eco toe puffs are created using industrial waste and are made from at least 63% sustainably sourced material.

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Texon 87

Texon 87 series is a premium impregnated polyester material. It is a consistent performer, which has been specified by many leading brands. A waterproof version is also available.

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An economical, firm, toe puff that offers good shape retention.

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Texon Runek has been specifically designed for use in athletic footwear, especially in deconstructed or knitted designs.

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A toe puff that bonds extremely well to a range of upper materials, including oily leather to give a firm toe shape.

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A toe puff that bonds extremely well to a range of upper materials, including oily leather, to give a resilient toe shape.

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A flexible toe puff with excellent shape retention and durability – the economical choice.

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One of our most popular toe puff materials, used in a wide range of footwear.

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Box toe puffs that give a great shape, with high resilience and durability.

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Texon X8R-EPM5 is a recyclable, thermoplastic, extruded film material that delivers high performance toe parts with excellent shape. X8R-EPM5 contains a minimum of 50% sustainable input.

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With a proud heritage of over 75 years, our portfolio of materials for the footwear industry continues to evolve. We strive to manufacture sustainable products of the highest quality.

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Collaboration underpins everything we do at Texon and by working together, we can inspire one another and continue to lead the way – delivering more sustainable materials that are better for people and planet.

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