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Innovative textiles, designed to operate at the highest level

Supporting you no matter the activity. Our materials are designed to stretch, breathe, and adapt – meeting even the most demanding conditions.

From our revolutionary ProWeave technology, with good stretch recovery, water repellent and antibacterial properties, to our high-performing fabrics delivering durability and certified safety protection. Our solutions are designed and crafted specifically to meet the technical demands of life.

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Our revolutionary material that sets free a designer’s imagination. Like never before, ProWeave combines creativity and functional weaving with the most advanced techniques, bringing to life jacquard fabrics where zones of differing elasticity, stability, and abrasion unite seamlessly.

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A new generation of chainsaw-resistant fabrics that offer complete protection in both safety boots and clothing.

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Texon Croda WR/FM

A high-tenacity, heavy-duty yet lightweight fabric that is water-repellent, suggested for specific uses such as hiking boots/clothing and safety footwear.

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Texon Sennes WR/FM

A high-tenacity, heavy-duty yet lightweight fabric that is water-repellent, suggested for specific uses such as motorcycle clothing.

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Texon Nepal WR/FM

A water-repellent woven textile, ideal for use on visible reinforcement components for garments and footwear requiring high-abrasion and physical resistance.

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Texon Makalu WR

A ballistic-type, heavy-duty fabric delivering both high-tenacity and tear strength properties.

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Texon Matrix WR 2PU

A strong, polyurethane coated, polyester and aramid fibre, providing superior high-tenacity strength. A wide range of colours make it ideal for use in items such as hiking and outdoor footwear, technical garments, luggage as well as functional fashion.

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Texon Osmio WR

A high-tenacity, heavy-duty yet lightweight fabric, providing superior tensile strength and tear resistance in both directions. The honeycomb pattern makes it ideal for use in functional fashion wear.

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Texon Rodio WR

A high-tenacity, water-repellent, heavy-duty, fabric with a unique ‘star’ pattern, making it ideal for functional fashion garments and footwear requiring additional abrasion resistance.

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Texon Crono WP

A waterproof, stretchable, polyester woven fabric, featuring an elastic polyurethane laminate, which is available in a range of colours. Ideal for clothing and other safety garments requiring high-visibility and durability.

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Texon Lhasa WR

An abrasion-resistant, water-repellant, ultra-lightweight textile solution.

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Texon Pania WR

Ideal for use in the most hostile and demanding conditions as a garment reinforcement and in footwear applications.

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Texon Intech WR

A robust, bi-directional and lightweight polyamide fabric that has superior abrasion-resistant properties.

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Texon Teki WR

A heavy-duty, durable and stretchable textile providing excellent abrasion resistance, water repellency and additional tear resistant properties. Developed with protection and military-grade usage in mind.

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world-class footwear solutions

With a proud heritage of over 75 years, our portfolio of materials for the footwear industry continues to evolve. We strive to manufacture sustainable products of the highest quality.

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Collaboration underpins everything we do at Texon and by working together, we can inspire one another and continue to lead the way – delivering more sustainable materials that are better for people and planet.

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Innovative, high-quality materials for footwear, accessories and functional apparel. Sustainable solutions for you, to bring your ideas to life.

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