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Materials for Tags & Labels

We provide a range of truly innovative, versatile and robust materials for use across the fashion apparel and accessories industry. Sustainable products like our washable cellulose material, Vogue, that can be easily stitched as a label onto denim garments and comes in a variety of colours and finishes. Whether you’re developing a particular ‘wrinkled’ look jeans label that’s resistant to machine washing, or a luxury, eco-friendly luggage tag, we’re here to support you in finding the perfect solution.

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Vogue is the future of sustainable fashion. A highly visual, creative and durable cellulose solution. Long recognised as a popular alternative to leather, and available in a wide range of colours, thickness and finishes. Perfect for designers ready to let their eco-friendly imagination fly.

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From earth to earth – our circular cellulose solution.

Verde is the material for environmentally conscious designers. Made of natural, animal-free material, with up to 90% bio-based content, it is eco-friendly through and through. It begins with a sustainable production process and biodegrades at the end of its life.

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Aquiline Excite

Texon Aquiline Excite is a high-quality, non-woven lining with advanced physical attributes. Engineered to provide superb performance in wear and efficient to use in footwear manufacturing, it is recommended for use as a counter, quarter and vamp lining.

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Aquiline Choice

Texon Aquiline Choice is a quality non-woven lining material developed to combine value with excellent wear performance. It is recommended for use as a counter lining material.

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Innovation and sustainability

Combining style, sustainability and modern-day practicality, we provide a wide range of highly visual, creative and environmentally friendly materials for the accessories industry.

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Collaboration underpins everything we do at Texon and by working together, we can inspire one another and continue to lead the way – delivering more sustainable materials that are better for people and planet.

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Our Holistic

Innovative, high-quality materials for footwear, accessories and functional apparel. Sustainable solutions for you, to bring your ideas to life.

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