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Our sustainability story

Zero waste
by 2025



Sustainability has always driven how we think, what we produce and who we work with. As a leading provider of material solutions for footwear, fashion accessories and functional apparel, we strive to manufacture sustainable products of the highest quality.

Our commitment is clear. Zero waste by 2025 is about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, finding pioneering new solutions that hit the mark with consumers and helping to drive change right across our industry. We remain transparent while continually improving what we do. For our planet, our communities, and for our future.

Our commitment

Zero waste by 2025 is an ambition we can all work towards. It will help us support our clients, improve our processes, and change our industry for the better. And from there, who knows what we can achieve next?

Jelle Tolsma, CEO

Our journey
so far

We’re considering our impact on a global scale, analysing our business every step of the way. Whether it’s developing new processes at our sites to reduce our energy use and emissions or collaborating more closely with our customers to bring novel sustainable solutions to the market, we continue to innovate to protect the planet. Discover all our progress to date, in our latest report.


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Sustainability has been embedded in the way we do things right from the get-go.
But in 2020, we decided we wanted to go one step further.
We wanted to set ourselves a clear objective and an ambitious deadline: zero waste by 2025.

With four distinct goals, we can deliver on our zero waste ambition:

Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce use of virgin materials by 50%

90% of our waste to be recyclable or reusable

Reduce our water use and waste by 20%

Our credentials

We’re always striving for better, and our ambitious certification roadmap ensures we stay on track. Working with leading environmental bodies to achieve accreditations ensures our processes are robust and our standards remain high.


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Create + Sustain
with Texon

Collaboration underpins everything we do at Texon and by working together, we can inspire one another and continue to lead the way – delivering more sustainable materials that are better for people and planet.

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Innovative, high-quality materials for footwear, accessories and functional apparel. Sustainable solutions for you, to bring your ideas to life.

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