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30. 05. 16

Technical Services Team Steps Up To The Plate in Indonesia

Leokindor Rusli
Leokindor Rusli

When it comes to problem-solving, the Texon Technical Services Team are hard to beat. They are experts in helping our brand customers and footwear manufacturers overcome any challenges they face.

Just recently, Senior Technical Services Manager Leo Rusli helped an Indonesian footwear manufacturer crack a tricky problem with its bonding process. The manufacturer was convinced that there was something wrong with the material they were using. So they called in Leo to get his opinion and advice on what to do next.

Serious mis-alignment in mold

After a series of tests, Leo found that the problem wasn’t with the material. In actual fact, there was a serious mis-alignment between the outer and inner mold in the cold stage of the back-part molding process. This was causing the poor bonding problems plaguing the manufacturer.

As Leo explained to us: “It is essential that there is a firm and even pressure during the cold stage back-part molding. This crystalizes the cement and ensures a good bond.”

The client agreed, and following Leo’s advice the problem was quickly addressed. Well done to Leo and the rest of the team for their excellent work.

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