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04. 02. 21

Texon discusses sustainable footwear components at the AMI virtual summit


Due to global restrictions, this year AMI launched a new virtual summit for Polymers in Footwear. On day 1 of the summit, our Group NPDI, Sustainability and Marketing Director, Boyd Mulder, was joined by Global Sales Director, Matt Smith, to discuss how recycled content and clever biopolymers are enabling us to produce more environmentally friendly footwear components than ever.

The new event brought together ​footwear specialists, raw material providers, product designers, processing machinery experts, brand owners, retailers and academic institutions. All attendees had the opportunity to network with industry leaders and gain unique insight from a range of speakers, virtually. Key players from all areas of the footwear supply chain were in attendance to discover the latest market innovations and future trends.

As well as sponsoring the summit, Texon experts took to the ‘virtual’ stage to discuss sustainability and how our business’ zerofootprint strategy is driving us to make a sustainable difference, before looking more broadly at what other companies could be doing to strengthen their environmental commitments.

Boyd Mulder, Group NPDI, Sustainability and Marketing Director, said:

“At Texon, we have been reducing our impact on the environment for decades, but more recently we have really stepped up our game by seeing sustainability not only as a responsibility, but also as a business opportunity. We started to use and innovate with unconventional materials and we created a business model that now delivers sustainable value for our customers, our business and our planet.”

One ambition the business is particularly focused on, is the creation of an efficient closed loop system, with reduced reliance on virgin materials and zero waste to landfill. We’ve already seen some fantastic achievements in recent years, with products incorporated into our wide portfolio such as Texon Reform, the world’s first 100% recyclable heel counter, and Texon Ecoline, which is also recyclable and can be supplied in net form for better waste management.

Boyd went on to highlight some of Texon’s other sustainable structural footwear components, such as Texon Halo which contains up to 50% recycled content, to continue demonstrating to the audience how recycled content and smart biopolymers can revolutionise footwear.

Following the presentation, Boyd was joined by Matt Smith, our Global Sales Director, for a Q&A session with remote attendees.

Discover more about Texon’s world leading products and 2025 sustainability goals, or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our latest announcements.

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