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23. 06. 16

Texon Makes a Real Point of Safety Across Europe


Safety footwearEver trod on a nail? The experience doesn’t come highly recommended. Even if you’re wearing a sturdy pair of work boots, there is no guarantee of 100% protection.

To explain, traditional heavy work boots have either steel or fabric midsoles. Unfortunately, not even the best-designed boots of these kinds will give you complete protection. Steel, due to non-custom shapes can leave gaps whilst the EN 12568:2010 test methods used on current fabric midsole materials are being questioned as they are not consider to be up to the stringent standards users demand.

To the relief of workers everywhere though, Texon has developed an answer to these problems.

Our innovative Texon T427 material has two aramid fibre layers plus high tensile layers. It has passed all the new, more stringent guidelines suggested for a revised EN norm nail penetration test. Texon T427 has none of the old problems that you get with steel-plated footwear and at the same time, offers the benefits of traditional fabric midsoles such as comfort, flexibility and 100% coverage.

Texon firmly believes Texon T427 will reduce the agony of nail-related injuries.

Working party

We should stress that the European working party looking at the EN norms for nail penetration in footwear is still a work in progress and that Texon and Texon Italia are very much part of this process. We will keep you updated on the working party’s progress during the coming months.

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