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03. 06. 21

Texon showcases sustainability hero products at Shoes and Leather Guangzhou 2021


Earlier this week, we returned to our first face-to-face trade fair in more than twelve months. From May 31 to June 2, our team exhibited at Shoes & Leather Guangzhou in China, where we showcased some of the many sustainable product innovations we’ve been working on over the past year.

During the pandemic, we have made significant progress in rethinking and innovating our product portfolio. Committed to taking less from the planet, and using and reusing resources we already have, we have increased the recycled content of some of our best-known structural components. We have also enhanced the sustainability of the manufacturing processes used to make them. This work forms a core part of our wider commitment to sustainability. In 2020 we announced we are aiming for zero waste by 2025 and we recently published our second sustainability report.

Key product innovations on display at Shoes & Leather Guangzhou included:

  • Toe puffs: In our toe puff line, we have reworked our popular X8R product into X8S. Now containing up to 71% recycled content X8S is a great choice for shoe manufacturers who want a more sustainable toe puff solution – without compromising on performance. Sportflex Eco is created using post-industrial waste and is made from at least 50% sustainably sourced material. We have also launched Sportflex Bio, which is made from a minimum of 50% sustainably sourced material, including sugar cane waste.
  • Heel counters: Our high-performance Halo counters, made from post-consumer waste including recycled plastic bottles, contain 50% recycled content, and are supplied net, meaning there is zero waste. Bioform counters are another natural choice for smart shoe design. Made from leaves, stalks and corn cobs, Bioform is Texon’s first bio-based plastic heel counter.
  • Insoles: We have been increasing the recycled content of our insole components. Ecoline, for example, now contains nearly a third more recycled content (85%) and is offered as a fully closed loop solution.

We also showcased our expertise in high-performance and luxury materials:

  • ProWeave: This revolutionary fabric enables brands to easily bring new ideas and creative concepts to life, with zonal innovation. The unique, patented technology makes it possible to seamlessly integrate functional and design weaving into a single sheet of material – opening up infinite possibilities in the design of footwear, apparel, fashion and luxury goods.
  • Texon Vogue: This versatile, sustainable and high-performance cellulose can be used to create a range of products for the fashion industry and as an alternative to leather. Durable, practical and washable, Texon Vogue is used by many world leading designers and fashion brands to create bags, luggage tags, jacron labels, stationery items, home furnishings and more.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make the event, as our team are also available for virtual meetings – just email, or alternatively find out more information about our hero products and sustainability work online.

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