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03. 05. 17

Texon Vogue, Washable Paper Goes from Strength to Strength


Our customers are queuing up to buy Texon Vogue (formerly known as Texon T484). They’re using it for many applications from jeans labels and and bags, through to book covers and picture frames.

Texon Vogue is versatile, leather-look, JACRON material that’s made in Germany. You can also buy this washable kraft paper fabric in a wide selection of colours with lots of finishes and patterns.

Texon Vogue

It is also known as faux leather paper as it will age and soften, forming wrinkly marks like leather. No two pieces of Texon Vogue are exactly the same. In short, its creative possibilities are almost endless.


Success in Europe

Online craft business in Germany, Snaply, is a big fan of Texon Vogue. Snaply have produced a crafts book featuring products made from Texon Vogue. Holger Hoffmann, Sales Manager for Texon in Germany, told us; “For the last eighteen months, Snaply have purchased Texon Vogue. They use it to produce a large selection of popular, fashionable goods. I’m delighted to say sales of their consumer applications have been increasing every year. Their new book marks the next stage in their on-going progress and we’re looking forward to seeing their new leather inspired vegan book which includes Texon Vogue.” Maxx Factory is another success story from Germany. They make a wide range of attractive bags, boxes, phone covers and other items. Maxx Factory has now developed a stylish product called Papyr, that combines papyrus with Texon Vogue. Maxx Factory is so impressed that it now uses Texon Vogue as its standard base material.

Design award winner

A notepad holder created using Texon Vogue also scooped the coveted and influential 2017 German Design Award. Designed by Christophe Chayriguet, the notepad’s sleeve is made from Texon Vogue. Available in various sizes, Christophe’s design beat over 4000 other entries to win the prize.

Popular, not just in Germany

Belgian bookbinders and stationery suppliers Atome are also achieving success using this remarkable Texon material in their products. In Italy, top fashion and homeware brand UASHMAMA has been using Texon Vogue for a number of years and many other companies are using it in fashion garments too. Companies are also combining our material with leather, wool or felt to create warm and tactile products that consumers love.

Fantastically versatile product

“Texon will be at the Paperworld Fair in Frankfurt, Germany later this year,” Holger told us, “I’m looking forward to showing many more people the benefits of Texon Vogue as a washable paper solution. I’m sure we can continue to find innovative ways to use this fantastically versatile product.”

Responsibly sourced…

Not only does Texon Vogue provide creative solutions it is also environmentally friendly. It is accredited by OEKO-TEX®, which tests for harmful substances, and is also available upon request as a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved product – please contact us for further details.

You can find out more about the Texon Vogue range of vegan friendlyJacron, washable paper materials here.

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